Tukwila, WA Pest Control

Humid summer days and chilly winters make Tukwila, WA, a place beloved by both humans and pests. The area’s climate tempts critters like carpenter ants, centipedes, termites, rodents and bed bugs to call it home. When it comes to pest control, consider bringing in the experts. They’ll not only have the skill to identify your infestation, but they’ll also have the equipment and training to get rid of it.

When Rodents Make Themselves at Home

Rodents are warm-blooded creatures with large front teeth. When they infest a home, they can cause damage to its electrical wiring and insulation, putting it at a higher risk of a fire. The habits and biological makeup of rodents make them a challenge to control. When rodents make themselves at home in your home, it will likely be rats and mice that do so.

Rats are naturally wary of their environments, so they’ll be cautious around bait and traps. They take over attics, storage cubbies and porches. Rats may even move into wall voids or other unusual places. These rodents transmit a number of deadly diseases. They also bring disease-carrying insects like ticks and fleas into your home.

When mice infest your home, they usually do so because they’re seeking food and shelter. Mice can fit through extremely small holes and gaps, so inspect your home for entry points. Keep in mind that these entrances are probably smaller than you think. Like rats, mice transmit deadly diseases to people, so it’s important to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

If Bed Bugs Become Uninvited Residents

When bed bugs infest a home, how they arrived is often a mystery. Bed bugs are wily little creatures, ones that can quickly become uninvited residents. The insects usually infest a home after they hitch a ride in your suitcase or on your clothes. Some people even wind up with a bed bug infestation after purchasing second hand furniture.

Bed bugs are apple seed sized insects, so you will be able to spot them if you have an infestation. While the pests do not transmit diseases, some people are allergic to their saliva. Bed bugs reproduce quickly. The females lay from one to five eggs each day. If the creatures have access to food, they can stay alive for more than 300 days.

The signs of a bed bug infestation range from spotting a live bug to seeing defecation remnants on your bed linens. Your first indication of an infestation may be bed bug bites, which look like red welts along the surface of your skin.

Getting rid of bed bugs is usually an extensive process. For instance, you’ll need to remove the clutter from your home. You’ll also need to wash and dry your bed sheets on the hottest available setting. To exterminate bed bugs thoroughly, it’s best to call a company that specializes in pest control.

All-Pro Pest Control

When it comes to pest infestations, rodents and bed bugs are some of the toughest to eliminate. With these pests, be sure to contact a professional pest control company, one that invests in the latest extermination techniques and technician education methods. If you suspect that you have a pest problem, contact us at All-Pro Pest Control to schedule an appointment. We offer quality pest control that’s designed to get rid of your critter problem.