Spider Extermination in Seattle and Throughout the Metro Area

Seattle's mild climate can bring about a multitude of creatures. Unfortunately, Seattle's diverse collection of flora and fauna include varieties of spiders who can prove to be unwanted guests in your home or business. The following are just a few of the species of spiders that are often associated with being household nuisances.

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Giant House Spiders

These pests are found only in Europe or America's Pacific Northwest, having been unintentionally introduced to the area by immigrants. With the ability to grow up to 4 inches in diameter, this large spider creates quite a stir when making an unwanted appearance in your home or office. Being one of the world's fastest spiders, the Giant House Spider can be hard to catch, and so seeking professional pest control services is key to controlling this species. It’s important to note that the Giant House spider is the primary predator of the Hobo Spider. In fact, in Europe humans don’t have much contact with Hobo spiders because the Giant House spider is prevalent in European homes they keep the Hobo spider under control.

The Hobo Spider

This spider is a smaller species, but its bite packs a powerful punch. Blisters will often appear at the site of the bite and can turn into a severe lesion if medical treatment is delayed. Being listed as Seattle's most common spider, the Hobo Spider can be identified by its light stripe running down the middle of the sternum. A key to controlling Hobo spiders is environmental corrections. Removing clutter around the outside of the house like lumber, firewood, etc. Sealing around windows and doors will help keep them out.

Wolf spiders

They are known for their dark brown fur and they carry their egg sacs on their abdomen, which can erupt into hundreds of spiderlings and create an infestation. Though not poisonous, the bite of a wolf spider is painful.

Black Widow Spiders

The are notorious for their painful, poisonous bites which only the female can administer. They are among the most commonly recognized spiders, with their large, black abdomens and an underside featuring an "hourglass" shape that is often red, but can also appear as white or tan. These spiders prefer dark areas away from most human activities, but are often spotted in wood piles during warmer months and hidden away in dark, interior crevices during the fall and winter. Although fatalities are rare, the effects of the venom can include: severe muscle cramps, sudden weakness, and body tremors. It is important to seek immediate medical attention when bit by a black widow. Though Black widow spiders can be found in the Seattle metro area, they are rare. Most often what we find is a spider called the ‘false Black Widow’. Its body looks and is shaped like a Black Widow, it nests in similar locations, but is a dark brown instead of black. It also lacks the hours glass marking on the abdomen.

Spider control and extermination services in Seattle.

Though many species of spiders in Seattle have a relatively harmless bite, an allergic or sensitive reaction may occur and create a bigger problem. Seeking professional services from All-Pro Pest Control is the best answer to any spider infestation. All-Pro Pest Control will safely and efficiently remove the problem in your home or business.