Seattle Termite Control

When a home or business has termites, we are the best exterminators to call for efficient service. Our trained pest control experts know how to look for the signs of this insect that destroys the structures of buildings. All-Pro Pest Control of Seattle, Wash., has the correct tools and chemicals to get rid of vermin quickly. Many homeowners are unaware of the massive damage termites can do while chewing tunnels in wooden frames of buildings.

Professional Termite Exterminator in Seattle

If insects continue to dig through wood, a structure can become unstable leading to requiring expensive repairs. We provide a variety of services to individuals living in private residences and apartment buildings. Our team is available to inspect factories, retail establishments and medical facilities to ensure there are no termites lurking in walls or floorboards. Termites will leave evidence of their presence near entry and exit points with debris that looks like fine sawdust.

A termite lives on cellulose located inside items such as carpeting, wallpaper and draperies. Termite nesting sites are commonly located in hidden areas such as floorboards and walls. As new insects hatch, more damage occurs as the pests consume additional cellulose items for survival. A thorough inspection by a pest control expert is necessary to destroy insects hiding inside walls.

Trust All Pro Pest Control for your Termite Extermination

Repeated treatments are common for termite infestations because newly hatched insects also require extermination. If you see dust on the floor or outside a building, then contacting All-Pro Pest Control is the best plan of action. We offer free quotes concerning inspection and extermination of termites. In addition to using safe pesticide treatments, our team can block entrances to prevent new termite infestations.