Seatac, WA Pest Control

Seatac is known for its close proximity to the ocean. The climate is damp and cool during most of the year. During the cooler months of the year, residents see more days with clouds than they do sunny days. When temperatures are warmer, there is also humidity. The dampness of the climate when the temperatures rise creates a perfect climate for termites and other pests.

Why Termites Like Seatac

Since there is plenty of precipitation each year, trees, shrubs and wood structures on homes or garages remain damp. If your home or garage does not have proper protection from moisture, it is a prime target for termites. Most termites feed off of damp wood. Subterranean termites prefer it but will also attack wood that is dry. Seatac residents must place importance on preventing termites.

Why Termites Are A Threat

Although termites do not pose an immediate danger to your health, they do pose a major danger to your finances whether you own a home or business. There are several types of termites. Some tend to have smaller colonies and do not reproduce as quickly. Subterranean termites are the most destructive because they have such large colonies and will eat nearly any type of wood or wood-based products. The biggest risk with termites is when they attack structural beams on your property. However, they can also wreak havoc by chewing eaves and other wood structures on your home. They can attack trees and shrubs, and you may have to have your shrubbery removed completely.

How To Find Termite Infestations

Unfortunately, these pests are elusive. With the exception of some drywood termites that enter your home through cracks along doors or windows, most termites build dirt tubes and tunnels to enter your home under the foundation. You may see these dirt tubes along the foundation. If there is an infestation, you may see swarmers, which are flying termites. Also, you may find their shed wings. If you know where there are solid support studs, try knocking on the wall. A hollow sound may indicate termites. Also, you might see gnawed wood or a bubbled or rough appearance on wood. By the time an infestation is discovered, there is usually considerable damage.

How To Prevent Termites

In some cases, the only indication of an infestation may be a lone wandering termite. If you see one, rest assured that there are more nearby. Termite infestations can grow exponentially each week, which means that damage is an escalating process. If you see a termite, call a pest professional immediately. Putting off treatment for even a week or two could wind up costing you thousands more in damages depending on what the termites are destroying.

Never try to use DIY removal methods. Many people have tried chemical cocktails that wind up harming them, their lawn or even their beloved pets. Also, most DIY methods are ineffective and only send the infestation to a harder-to-reach area. At All Pro Pest Control, we offer preventative treatments that help you keep termites away. We also remove existing infestations quickly and effectively. If you need removal or preventative services in Seatac, please call us today for a free quote. We also remove and prevent many other types of pests.