Roof Rat Exterminator in Seattle 

Hearing strange noises from the attic at night? Have mysterious dark smudges along ceilings and rafters? Does the family pet seem to watch the ceilings nervously? You could be experiencing an infestation of roof rats.

Roof rat is the common name for the black rat (Rattus rattus.) Roof rats are smaller than Norway (brown) rats. They have pointed muzzles, very large ears and their tails are longer than their head and body combined. These roof rats are most active at night.

All-Pro Pest Control specializes in roof rat removal throughout the Seattle area

The roof rat can be found nesting in the eaves and upper stories of buildings, scurrying from place to place by way of utility lines. They carry diseases and parasites which can be passed to humans and pets. Roof rats cause property damage, often nesting in shredded insulation and gnawing on electrical wiring, plastic pipes, and door or window frames. Check with your insurance company, some insurance companies do not cover damage caused by roof rats.

The first sign of roof rats may be noises in the attic, walls and ceiling spaces of your home or business. Since roof rats live in the hidden spaces overhead, there's less chance of finding rat tracks, droppings or urine. Often there will be dark smudges of dirt and oil left along rafters and ceiling beams. In areas with high rat populations they can be seen at dusk, traveling along fences and utility lines.

All-Pro Pest Control is best equipped to deal with your Roof Rat infestation

All-Pro Pest Control is best equipped to deal with the challenges of roof rat infestations in Seattle and the surrounding metro area. We have the training, equipment and expertise necessary to solve the problem quickly and effectively. Trained professionals can spot the roof rats' entry points for your building and know the best way to seal them. We can identify potential food sources and hiding spots that make your home or building attractive to roof rats, and help you reduce their appeal. Traps can be very effective against roof rats populations when used correctly. We know where to place them, how often to check and replace them, as well as which ones will be most effective for the circumstances. Toxic baits are also very effective, but should be used with care to prevent contaminating humans, pets and wildlife. All-Pro Pest Control is careful to use the least toxic means possible to deal with an infestation.

For expertise, efficiency and peace of mind let our trained professionals at All-Pro Pest Control handle your roof rat problem.