Professional Pest Control in Pacific, WA

Pacific residents enjoy their time frequenting local coffee shops, strolling through the city’s parks, and spending cozy evenings in their homes; not fighting off invasive house pests. All-Pro Pest Control protects your residential, commercial, and industrial property from pest invasions with highly rated pest control services.

Family-owned and operated, All-Pro Pest Control takes care to identify your pest problem properly and come up with an effective solution that leaves your family safe and your home or business pest free. You can count on us to deliver:

  • Solutions that preserve your health and the environment with the least amount of toxins.
  • Long-term results and prevention.
  • In-depth treatments for guaranteed success.
  • Outstanding customer service.

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Rodent Removal in Pacific, WA

The Norway rat and the roof rat are responsible for the majority of rodent infestations in Pacific. Although they differ from one another in size, color, and nesting locations, both the Norway rat and the roof rat threaten homes and businesses with:

  • Disease transfer to humans and pets.
  • Food contamination.
  • Structural damage.
  • Biting electrical wires and causing fires.
  • Spreading urine and feces all over high-touch surfaces.

When All-Pro Pest Control does rodent removal, we’re serious about the removal part. We get down and dirty to find entry points, sources, and nests. Trapping is the best rodent removal method for active infestations, as it allows us to trap and fully remove rats from your interior safely. We use baiting methods to prevent future rat infestations by installing bait stations around the exterior of your property. Because our bait stations can only be accessed by rodents, you don’t have to worry about your pet or curious kids coming in contact with it.

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Bed Bug Treatment in Pacific, WA

Whether you’re living in a high-end home or staying at a budget hotel, bed bugs can easily infest your space without proper bed bug treatment. Bed bugs are master hitchhikers and can make their way into your pristine home by latching onto anything. When you’re losing sleep over a bed bug infestation in your sheets, it’s time to get professional bed bug service.

All-Pro Pest Control is well rehearsed in eradicating bed bugs from homes, apartments, hotels, stores, and wherever else these sneaky bugs violate. Our bed bug service uses failsafe extermination methods to wipe out bed bugs and return you and your family to a safe environment. If you suspect bed bugs in your space, call All-Pro Pest Control to check it out and resolve the problem with effective bed bug treatment.

Cockroach Control in Pacific, WA

Cockroaches are startling and hazardous to Pacific residents and businesses, and it doesn’t help that this part of our state is home to 4 roach species. Luckily, All-Pro Pest Control knows what does help in exterminating a cockroach infestation. Our cockroach control services offer flexible options and roach treatments ranging from cockroach spraying to roach-killing products that eliminate the entire colony.

Because a roach invasion doesn’t adhere to a convenient schedule, All-Pro Pest Control is ready to get rid of roaches whenever you need us. We are available for on-call, monthly, and emergency cockroach spraying and treatments.