Pavement Ants in Seattle

You know those ants that make the little sand piles in the cracks of sidewalks and your drive way? Most of those you see are pavement ants. Their called Pavement ants because they like to nest under slabs of cement, stone or pavement. They also like to nest under cement slabs that have heat in slab or where a water heater sits on the slab.

Pavement Ant Extermination Services

Pavement ants in Seattle are really more of a nuisance than anything. Over years as they excavate under a slab it might be possible they would undermine an area enough to be a problem. For most people the real issue is how much they will forage inside your home. Pavement ants don’t get up on the counters very often. They mostly forage on the floor. When they find a piece of potato chip, or other scrap of food, it will be covered with them in no time.

We Exterminate Pavement Ants throughout Seattle

For the average home owner, it can be frustrating trying to exterminate pavement ants on their own. It’s not your fault, nor does it mean you’re not intelligent. It’s just that you probably don’t have the experience to investigate and interpret the evidence like All-Pro Pest Control. We’ve been treating for Pavement ants, and all kinds of pests in Seattle and surrounding areas for 15 years. The first thing we’ll do is inspect to identify which ant we’re dealing with. Then we’ll talk with you about what needs to be done. Inside your home, we treat in the least intrusive ways possible. We use products that are rated low risk and place them where children and pets have very limited chance of contacting them.

If pavement ants are hard at work, displacing soil under your house, call All-Pro Pest Control.