Odorous House Ants in Seattle

Odorous house ants, sometimes referred to as sugar ants, are becoming a major problem around the country. This particular type of ant likes to make its way into homes for a various reasons, and especially after inclement weather. Due to the number of rain-filled days in Seattle and the surrounding metro area, (sugar ants) odorous house ants can become a nuisance in and around your home or business, looking for food, shelter and a safe, warm place to call home. These (sugar ants) odorous house ants in Seattle and the surrounding metro area can be difficult to get rid of, but with years of experience in treating many different types of pests, we can help.

All-Pro Pest Control specializes in the removal and extermination of (Sugar Ants) Odorous House Ants

The (sugar ants) odorous house ant is named for its bad body odor. If you smash one with your finger, they have a distinct smell, so they are called Odorous House ant. These ants have several things about them that help them be so prolific. Most of the time, they do not build an actual nest. If you find a nest it will just be a mass of ants and eggs. If you disturb the nest, in 10 minutes they will have grabbed all the eggs and moved. Another detriment odorous house ants have is multiple-queens. With a lot of insects, if you somehow kill the queen, you’ve really set the nest back, but odorous house ants have many queens. Killing one, two or three queens won’t even phase the nest. Also, when they have been disturbed, in the frenzy of fleeing, queens go in different directions. Now instead of one nest to locate and kill, there may be three or more.

All-Pro Pest Control has found (sugar ants) odorous house ant nests under leaky hot water heaters, the bottom of house plants, gutters, a welcome mat inside a basement door, in attics, but almost never in the crawl space under a house. We even had a homeowner tell us about when he removed 3 layers of old roofing on his house, he used multiple cans of store bought pesticide because he found 4 or 5 (sugar ants) odorous house ant nests in-between the layers of old roofing. Imagine being the poor technician on that job, how would you ever consider that chronic ant problem was coming from a nest in-between the roof layers? Because All-Pro Pest Control has over 15 years experience treating (sugar ants) odorous house ants, we have the experience to think outside the standard pest treatment box. We know that a chronic ant problem, means we have to investigate and find what unusual circumstance exists and then make a plan to deal with it.

Don't try this yourself, Call a Professional

There are many different DIY options for treatment and removal, but unfortunately, most of them are ineffective and frustrating. Sometimes what you’re really paying us for is our knowledge and experience. We don’t necessarily have products that are stronger or more lethal than what you’ll buy at the store. In fact, many homeowners will over use a product and use it where it doesn’t need to be used, thereby subjecting themselves and their family to pesticide exposure. Sometimes their family ends up exposed more than the ants! Usually we do a treatment called a ‘crack & crevice’ treatment inside structures. We don’t put anything out wafting around in the air. We use special equipment that allows us to lay a bead of liquid product along places like where the baseboard meets the floor. The product almost completely wicks back in under the baseboard making it very hard for anyone to contact our product except the ants. We use a combination of liquid products and gel type baits, both injected into cracks and crevices so that the ants will be treated, but surfaces we use won’t be.

Odorous house ant extermination services throughout Burien, Bellevue, Kent and the Seattle metro areas by All-Pro Pest Control

All-Pro Pest Control can relieve you of hours or days of frustrating tactics in your personal war against these pesky insects. Using home bait as your method to combat the ants can take days of inviting them into your home without eliminating the nest. Chemical pesticides can be extremely toxic if not used appropriately. Further, your frustration level can lead you to try all sorts of inappropriate methods to relieve the anguish that sharing your home with ants can cause. Let a professional from All-Pro Pest Control solve your (sugar ant) odorous house ant problem, quickly and easily, by identifying where the ants are coming from and treating the source, in addition to other problem areas.

Using our proven methods and products, we can exterminate your (sugar ant) odorous house ant problem quickly and effectively. We have the experience to solve the matter with minimal effort on your part. Don't let these tiny ants get the best of you. Call us today to discuss the issue and schedule an appointment.