Normandy Park Pest Control

Normandy Park is known for its youthful culture and quaint feel. Many Washington cities that started off small eventually lost sight of their origins, but the people here never quite let go of theirs. This King County icon is known for a robust economy that merges nature trails and pedestrian-friendly locales with a respect for public health, safety and the natural environment. 

Here, seasonal activities like Winterfest and easy access to Seattle make it easy to enjoy life at your own pace. The city’s abundance of casual recreation, ongoing economic development and community values set it apart from its surroundings in a big way.

Of course, humans aren’t the only residents that feel welcome on this stretch of the Puget Sound shoreline. Property owners also have to contend with various pest species that make their homes in the region’s healthy ecosystems, which host countless mammals, invertebrates and birds. Here’s a quick introduction to just a few of the creatures that you might encounter during your time in the area.

Norway Rats

Also referred to as the common, sewer, street, wharf or brown rat, Norway rats are some of the most successful examples of their larger rodent family, Muroidea. They’re found on every continent except Antarctica, and they’re known for following human populations around the globe. 

Norway rats may spread parasites and diseases to people, pets and other animals. They can also burrow around properties and harm native wildlife. 

Odorous House Ants

These ants are aptly referred to as stink ants. They’re known for spending the winter in a single nest and then spreading out to form multiple new colonies as food sources become more accessible in warmer weather. 

Odorous house ants are big fans of sugar-bearing human foodstuffs, but unfortunately, they’re extremely resistant to many conventional removal methods. Sometimes, queens can survive for weeks without food or water and continue laying eggs after sustaining serious injuries. Their common name comes from the fact that their bodies release a strong smell when they die.

Bald-faced Hornets

These hornets, commonly known as bull wasps or black jackets, build large paper nests and are aggressive about defending them. When threatened, they may sting you repeatedly. They can also squirt irritating venom into your eyes. 

These insects chew up wood and plant matter to produce their building materials. In Washington, bald-faced hornets typically begin creating nests around May.

How Do Normandy Park Residents Handle Infestations?

When these creatures cross over the boundaries into human territory, it’s vital to call a professional. At All-Pro Pest Control, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of services that are designed to help you maintain separation between yourself and nature’s wilder denizens. 

Our techniques minimize risk, reduce environmental impacts and last longer than many traditional methods do. To discover how licensed, insured and guaranteed pest control can transform your household into a healthier place to live, contact one of our specialists now.