Des Moines & Seattle Metro Moisture Ant Control

Spotting the occasional ant in your home may seem normal, but the presence of some types of ants indicates that there is structural damage within a building. Homeowners and business owners should contact All-Pro Pest Control as soon as possible if small, yellow ants that emit a lemon odor when crushed are found in or around a building.

Damage Done By Moisture Ants

Rotting wood that is located throughout a home attracts moisture ants. The ants burrow into the wood to make a nest. While moisture ants typically do not cause damage, the presence of these pests in a home is often an indicator that severely damaged wood is located somewhere within the structure of the home.

Moisture ants can be distinguished from carpenter ants by their small size. This wingless variety of ant emits an odor that is comparable to citronella when crushed. Moisture ants may speed up the process of decay in wood structures that have already been damaged by moisture.

Getting rid of moist wood is the first step in eliminating a moisture ant problem. However, successful extermination of moisture ants must be done by a professional pest control company.

Free Quotes From All-Pro Pest Control

Getting rid of moisture ants is often more difficult than eliminating a problem with other types of ants that simply raid a pantry and return to an outdoor nest. The nesting habits of the moisture ant make professional pest control services necessary. All-Pro Pest Control uses innovative pest treatment methods for more successful results. Contact us today for a free quote!