Kent Pest Control 

Although it is often overshadowed by Seattle, Kent is a unique and vibrant city in the heart of King County, Washington. As the second-oldest city in the county, Kent has a rich history and a population that has steadily been growing over the decades to its current estimate of nearly 127,000 people. 

About Kent, Washington

Kent, Washington, is situated just southeast of SeaTac and the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. It was first settled in the 1860s and soon flourished as an agricultural center, producing hops, lettuce and a wide variety of other fruits and vegetables. At the turn of the 20th century, some residents of Kent turned to dairy farming, and a large plant for Carnation condensed milk provided work for the city. 

In the 1960s, Boeing established a production facility in Kent, and the city became home to thriving aerospace and technology industries. In addition, the city blossomed into one of the largest centers for steel manufacturing in the Pacific Northwest.

Pests Emerge in Kent

As industry grew in Kent, so did the population, and both of these growth factors contributed to another that is not so pleasant: pests. Pest animals of all types can be found in the city, living clandestinely in private homes, in businesses of all sorts and in the surrounding woodlands. Many of these pests are not only a nuisance but also spread disease or contribute to structural decay, establishing the need for reliable pest-control services. Following are just a few of the pests that can be found in Kent, WA.

  • Ants – Ants are one of the most common pests in the Pacific Northwest and across the U.S. However, there are numerous types of ants, and it is important to correctly identify which ones you have in order to get rid of them most effectively.
  • Cockroaches – About 30 different varieties of cockroaches infest homes in the Kent area. They can spread disease and are difficult to eliminate because of their aptitude for hiding and reproducing. 
  • Bedbugs – Bedbug infestations are dreaded far and wide. These sneaky insects hide in your furniture and come out at night to feed on fresh blood. 
  • Ticks – While tick infestations are rare indoors, they often inhabit areas just outside where they can attach themselves to you or to your pets, spreading chronic illnesses, such as Lyme disease. 
  • Termites – Termites live underground and dig tunnels to the nearest sources of wood, which they use as food. Termite damage can be extremely costly to fix once infestations get out of control.
  • Rodents – Rats and mice are common in the areas near Kent, and they can also carry microorganisms that cause fatal diseases, such as Hantavirus. 

All-Pro Pest Control in Kent, WA

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