Des Moines Pest Control

Like the rest of Western Washington, Des Moines is full of insects and other wildlife. Many species in the region can lead to significant health problems and property damage when they infest homes and offices. Learning more about Washington's most troublesome pests will help you to deal with any current or future infestations.

Roof Rats

Roof rats are excellent climbers, and their name is a result of their tendency to nest in attics and other high places. Like all rodents, roof rats must gnaw regularly on wood and other materials to keep their teeth in check. This gnawing can cause property damage and lead to house fires when they target the insulation around electrical wires.

Pavement Ants

As their name implies, pavement ants make their homes in and around the cement of driveways, foundations, and sidewalks. These ants invade homes and other buildings in search of meals, and they prefer sweet and greasy foods. Like other ants, pavement ants often become infected when crawling on contaminated floors. When they track these contaminants into food sources, people can develop food poisoning and other diseases.

Bald-Faced Hornets

Bald-faced hornets are actually yellow jackets, but they lack the yellow coloration that marks other species in the genus. They raise their young in large nests that typically contain several hundred hornets. Bald-faced hornets are extremely protective of their nests. They are much more aggressive than other yellow jackets and will swarm on people and pets with little provocation.

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