Burien Pest Control Services

Burien is one of the best kept secrets in the Seattle Metro area. Owner and operator of All-Pro Pest Control, Frank, and his wife Catey, live in the Seahurst neighborhood of Burien. All-Pro Pest Control knows the in's and out's of the pests that are common to the area as well as the best methods for pest control in Burien and the surrounding areas.

All-Pro Pest Control is experienced with pests in Burien and the surrounding areas

One of the main attractions of the Burien neighborhood is all the trees. It’s not just some trees, a lot of these area look like actual Northwest timberlands, with houses in between the trees. All this forested area combined with the views of the Puget Sound give Burien some of the most small town and peaceful feeling communities in the entire Seattle Metro area. However, the two wonderful benefits of wooded land and moist marine air contribute to some of the more troublesome pests in our area.

Carpenter Ants

Since we live in the middle of a forest, it’s no wonder that carpenter ants in Burien and the surrounding areas are plentiful. Though carpenter ants are a very beneficial insect in that they forage for and kill many insects, they nest primarily inside wood, and don’t make a distinction between the old stump in your back yard and the wood that is your house. Carpenter ants do not eat wood, they just excavate inside the wood to make room for their nest. With lots of natural forest materials and the added moisture of being on the Sound, Burien, is a haven for carpenter ants.

Odorous House Ants

Another pest, that can actually be harder to get rid of than carpenter ants, also found throughout Burien is a little ‘sugar ant’ call Odorous House Ant. They love lots of water and sugary foods. Since a lot of the neighborhoods in Burien and throughout the surrounding area are well established with mature landscaping, they tend to hold moisture in and around our homes more. That’s a real benefit for odorous house ants. With 15 years of experience investigating and eliminating odorous house ants in Burien, All-Pro Pest Control has invested the time to become experts concerning odorous house ants.

Norway Rats & Roof Rats

Finally, it’s just an honest fact, we have rats in the Northwest, not just in Burien, Normandy Park and Des Moines. We have such a mild winter climate that pests like Norway rats and roof rats are not killed off by extreme cold. Through the summer months they actually find nesting sites that are outside. Most of their food they can get from outside. Our beautiful wooded setting in Burien is very beneficial for Norway and roof rats. Our wooded lots and mature landscapes make our neighborhoods very conducive to rodents. When we roll into fall and the weather starts getting cold and wet, Norway rats and roof rats probe and press on our homes to get out of the weather.

All-Pro Pest Control offers pest control services in Burien and the surrounding areas.

If you have a home or commercial building in Burien call All-Pro Pest Control. You really need someone with more than just a year or two worth of experience. Also, Frank and Catey, live, shop, eat and play right here in the area. All-Pro Pest Control not only makes a living by serving the Burien neighborhoods, but they support their neighbor’s businesses by spending back into the local economy.