Bellevue Pest Control

One of the best parts of living in Bellevue is being surrounded by the lush greenery of coastal Washington. This abundant vegetation supports large populations of insects, and many species cause problems for humans. If you notice any dangerous insects on your property, try to have them removed before they can harm you or your family.


Spiders have plenty of six-legged prey to choose from in Western Washington, and many species thrive in the region. Two of these species have highly venomous bites and are dangerous to humans. The hobo spider, also called the aggressive house spider, can be identified by its brown color and yellow patterns on its abdomen. This species can generally be found outdoors in areas such as woodpiles and gardens. Hobo spider bites are not painful at first, but a severe wound will eventually develop. Washington is also home to the western black widow, and their bites spread a potent venom throughout the body.

Ants and Cockroaches

Ants and roaches may seem less dangerous than spiders, but they can actually lead to serious health problems. The bodies of these insects are coated with contaminants as they crawl on dirty floors and other surfaces. These contaminants include salmonella, typhoid, and dysentery. Infectious ants and cockroaches are especially dangerous when they infest food in a home or office. If the insects spread their infections to the food, anyone who eats it is at risk for food poisoning and illnesses. 

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