Seattle Metro Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs do not discriminate: They will move in and make homes in luxury hotels and cheap hostels, high-end homes and budget apartments, and pristine living quarters and cluttered residences. The concept of bed bugs infesting only filthy, unkempt hovels remains an untruth perpetuated by works of fiction. In addition to eradicating bed bugs from homes, we aim to use education to eradicate the stigma associated with bed bugs.

Danger of Bed Bugs is Seattle

If reading this gives you an urge to scratch or get clean in a shower, you are in good company. In many people, the mere mention of the pests initiates the willies. If you have an infestation, the mental distress increases drastically. Squeamishness from the thought of bugs dining on you while you sleep leads to sleepless nights, and you cannot escape feeling that you and your home are filthy. You do not want company to visit; truthfully, you do not even want to be in your home. This distress causes more damage than does the physical aspect of bed bugs.

Signs of Bed Bugs

On the physical side, bed bugs do bite, but the bites neither transmit disease nor cause harm. Unless you have an allergic reaction, which is generally mild, bed bugs' bites result in temporary, itchy bumps resembling mosquito, flea and tick bites. Since the bites resemble those of other pests, you cannot identify a bed bug infestation through bite alone; you need to find a bug for proper identification.

Bed bugs are small, about the size of an apple seed, and rusty-red in color, which alters to bright red after a feeding session. The pests have wingless, flat, oval bodies and shed their skins. If you do not see bed bugs, noticing their discarded exoskeletons certainly indicates an infestation.

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Bed bugs are impervious to do-it-yourself bug bombs and foggers. To rid your home of a bed bug infestation, contact All-Pro Pest Control for a free quote. We are privy to their many hiding spaces and supply the professional experience and treatments required to let you sleep at night.