Auburn, WA Pest Control

Auburn is a small city located in Washington and is home to a community of friendly residents and a range of businesses. With a yearly high of 75 degrees, the climate is mild. Even though it's a great place to live, Auburn is home to a variety of pests that the residents usually have trouble keeping under control. Those who live and work in the community sometimes try at-home solutions to keep the pests away, but doing so is not always enough to offer the best possible results. If you are currently struggling to manage a bedbug, moisture ant or termite problem, the following information will provide you with the knowledge that you need to move forward with confidence.

Moisture Ants

As their name implies, moisture ants enjoy nesting in damp areas that offer plenty of food. If you have leaky pipes in your home, these pests will be happy to launch an invasion. After they get inside, the moisture ants will start eating your walls, causing structural damage over time. One of the top ways to stay safe is to address any water damage in your home or office as soon as you can. But once you are already facing an invasion, getting rid of your unwelcome visitors will be difficult.


People from all parts of Washington dread discovering bedbugs in their home, and you will not want to waste any time when it comes to finding a solution. If you enter an area that is already infested with bedbugs, the insects will try to get on your clothes and in your bags so that they can follow you home. At night, they will come out and feed on your blood, and most people will get red marks on their skin from the bite. If you catch the problem in the early stages, you can try to use traps and sprays to remove the bedbugs, but this approach only offers mixed results.


Wings near windows and sagging walls and floors are red flags that could indicate the presence of termites. In a lot of cases, termites can live in your home and cause damage for months or years before you will notice them. Inability to get the situation handled can force you to pay a lot of money for home repair bills. Removing piles of wood from your yard and trimming your shrubs can reduce the risk of termites, but it won't eliminate the possibility of an infestation.

All Pro Pest Control

If you try to get your pest problem under control without the help of a professional, you could be putting yourself in harm's way without knowing it. You might reduce the population of pests and think that you have solved the problem, but if even a few of the insects remain, the cycle can begin again. Fortunately, you can avoid the trap and give yourself peace of mind by contacting All-Pro Pest Control. When you call us, we will promptly send a caring and friendly expert to your home or place of business. Our team will then evaluate the problem and solve your pest issue for good.