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How to Tell The Difference Between Stinging Insect Types

Bumble beeThere are important differences to keep in mind between bees and wasps; that way, if you spot a nest in your yard, you'll be able to identify it and determine if the insects will pose a threat or not. Bees Let's, first of all, distinguish between honeybees and bumblebees. Both have black and yellow (or orange) stripes on their abdomen, though in bumblebees the stripes look more like large blocks. Honeybees are slender and small, while bumblebees are quite large and hairy. The first have a pointed tip, while the second have a rounded tip. Both will sting if provoked, but otherwise, they're harmless. Bumblebees will sting repeatedly, but honeybees have a barbed stinger, which rips away from their abdomen and kills them once they imbed it in their victim's skin. Their stings are not only painful but also capable of causing anaphylactic shock in those who are allergic to insect......
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